Below are a few basic guidelines to help you prepare for event day:

Race pack collection venue will only be announced nearer to event day. Please check back regularly for updates.

Run according to only your assigned wave time. Please arrive at least 1 hour before your asssigned wave time.


  • BIB number – please do not forget this important piece of identification. NO BIB NO RACE!
  • Zipper seal bags – To seal & protect your phone/keys from water,IF you cannot afford to leave them behind.
  • Waist bag – If you need to bring your phone/keys, then this will help keep you hands free during the race.
  • Change of clothes – for after the race
  • Sandal/sliper – for after the race
  • Plastic/Trash bag – to store your wet clothes.
  • Towel – for cleaning yourself up. Shower area will be provided for quick clean up after the race; Closed tent for women, outdoor for men.
  • Spare money – for food & beverages

Do not race with your wallet, keys, phones, jewelry or anything that you cannot afford to lose. Bag check will be available to all participant, please secure these items in your bag before checking it in. If possible, leave any valuable item at home.

Expect to get down & muddy. Trail shoes is highly recommended, but any shoe with a good grip will do. You might not want to use your best/new shoes for this event.

Avoid wearing cotton shirts as it will just absorb water & weigh you down. Drif-fit & lycra shirt is recommended.

There will be some grip based obstacles, wearing a good glove will help a long way. It will also help minimize any hand blister/injury.


  • Parking will be limited at the venue compound. To avoid congestion at the venue ground, we strongly advise participant to park at the nearby cemetary 800 meters away(Gasp..think of it as a warm up).
  • If you park along the road side, please park sensibly. DO NOT block any entrance to local villagers home. Best to ask permission from home owner before parking in front of their property.
  • Carpooling is recommended.

Participant is expected to arrange their own accomodation.

Entry to venue is free for spectator